Serving the Greater St. Louis and Illinois Areas
The Mission of Doulas of Greater St. Louis is to support, educate and advocate for women and their families throughout the childbearing year and to provide St. Louis Metro area doulas with supportive fellowship and continuing education opportunities.

Doula is a Greek word expressing "woman caregiver." A doula is an experienced companion who provides women and their partners with emotional, physical and informational support throughout the different phases of her pregnancy and/or the postpartum period.

Doulas of Greater St. Louis is a non-profit organization that offers support, education and fellowship to doulas in the St. Louis and surrounding area. We also provide families with referrals to qualified doulas that can assist them as they make their journey into parenthood. Our membership continues to grow as more women realize the benefits of having a doula supported birth and also having a postpartum doula assist them in the weeks following birth.

Doulas of Greater Saint Louis is an enrichment and networking organization and does not police it's members. We ask that each member of our organization represents our group, and her own individual practice, with integrity and honesty when communicating within the doula and medical community, and in the public as well. Our doulas are expected to honor the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of their certifying organization. Medical staff & clients with complaints should refer to the said doula's certifying organization. Complaints directed to Doulas of Greater St. Louis will be processed by peer review.

If you need more information or referrals for doulas, please email Doulas of Greater St. Louis, or call (314) 608-9854.

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